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Deep, replenishing, natural rest leads to a cleaner, healthier, happier existence, it begins with Lomme's new take on the bed. Pre-orders now open.

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What is Lomme

Sophisticated Simplicity

Lomme creates a relaxing atmosphere by incorporating light, colour, sound and touch. It’s a protective cocoon and revitalising environment. A luxurious nest where you can expand your mind, and rest securely and safely from the outside world.

We’ve combined natural therapies with cutting-edge technology, creating an environment where you can rejuvenate, meditate, and above all, sleep. After all, bed is where we spend a third of our lives.

What is Lomme

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Lomme is simultaneously art and furniture, made possible by combining functionality with design. This philosophy resulted in Lomme being awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Best Product Design.

Founded in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and most important design competitions in the world. With 3,203 submissions from 51 countries, its independent panel of 24 judges recognised Lomme for having outstanding quality, innovation and design.

Lomme Red Dot Awward

The Best Rest for Your Health

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